Contact Info


12 Shaftesbury Rd, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 5RB Mobile: (07753) 610 934 home: (0151) 280 0066

Personal Statement


Versatile 3D artist and art manager with over 18 years of experience across a wide range of disciplines in the computer games industry. Passionate about the process of making game art, and the possibilities that every new generation of tools and engines offers. Happy to both lead a team of artists as well as get my hands dirty with 2D/3D art production. Have brought numerous projects in on time and budget through a combination of efficient scheduling and constantly working to improve the art pipeline.

I believe I am a critical thinker, able to deliver innovative solutions to both artistic and technical problems. I pride myself in always striving to create the best results I can, and enabling others in the team to do the same.  


Key Achievements

  • Successfully leading a team of artists on multiple projects.
  • Worked with Autodesk to modify their Beast lighting solution and integrate into our art pipeline.
  • Liaised with multiple outsource companies to get a large number of art assets built to spec on time.
  • Part of a BAFTA award winning team for Jungle Party on the PS2.



Scene Lighting and fx

  • Combine baked lightmaps with hardware lighting to achieve efficient & accurate lighting rigs.
  • Lighting for realism and gameplay.
  • Post processing and colour grading for beauty and mood.
  • Particle effects. Combine sprites and meshes for in game, cut scene and quick time events.

Project planning & team management

  • Assessing staffing needs. Interviewing for new candidates. Training of junior staff.
  • Day to day scheduling of tasks and long term project planning to ensure the art team comes in on time.
  • Outsource management. Producing asset specs and technical docs, reviewing work, supplying timely feedback. Dealing with multiple oversea vendors at once.

3D modelling

  • Environment and prop modelling, UV unwrapping, baking.
  • Level building – Building for gameplay as well as aesthetics from white box to final artwork.
  • Level optimisation – LOD creation, Collision, shader simplification.

Texture creation

  • Hand drawn and photo reference manipulation.
  • nDo and dDo to create diffuse, normal map, gloss, specular, AO, cavity, height.

Art direction

  • Produce a combination of mood boards, written visual stories, drawn layouts and example geometry to
  • convey a designers wishes to the art team.
  • Provide artists with overdraws of their levels to add visual interest and framing.

Art pipeline streamlining

  • Working alongside art and tools programming to make the art creation pipeline more efficient.
  • Evaluation of middleware to improve our core tech. Spec bespoke solutions when needed.
  • Gameplay implemetation. Work with design and programming to get new gameplay features up and running.
  • Game Pitch artwork.
  • Produce ripomatics, animatics, moodboards, test scenes, etc, to communicate an idea to a publisher.

Website creation

  • HTML and CSS
  • WordPress – see for a computer games blog I have recently produced.
  • Managing director of a web based gift list company which I designed and co-built.

Software Proficiency

  • 3DS MAX (v1 – 2014) – Mental Ray, Beast Lighting
  • Quixel – nDo2, dDo
  • Marmoset Toolbag
  • Photoshop (v2 – CS6)
  • Red Giant – Silver Bullet, Photo Looks.
  • Fork Particles
  • Simplygon
  • Unity
  • In-house tools and engine tech.
  • WordPress

Working knowledge of

  • Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Torque 3D, Unreal Editor, xNormal, Crazy Bump, ZBrush



Invizimals 2, PS 3, Feb 2014 (Canned) – Lead artist

Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom, PS 3 Oct 2013 – Lighting artist / Outsource manager

Broken PS Vita, 2012 (Canned) – Senior 3D artist / Lighting artist

Graffiti Kid, PS Vita, 2010 (Canned) – Senior 3D artist / Technical artist

Disney’s Th!nk Fast, PS 2 / Wii, Oct 2008 – Senior 3D artist / Technical artist

Buzz Junior: Monster Rumble, PS 2, Nov 2007 – Senior 3D artist / Technical artist

Buzz Junior: Robojam, PS 2, May 2007 – Senior 3D artist / Technical artist

Buzz Junior: Jungle Party, PS 2, Oct 2006 – Senior 3D artist / Technical artist

Stuart Little 3, PS 2, Nov 2005 – Lead artist

Cat in the Hat, PS 2/ XBOX, Nov 2003 – Senior 3D artist / Technical artist

Treasure Planet, PS 1, Nov 2002 – Lead artist

Stuart Little 2, PS 1, July 2002 – 3D artist

Muppet Monster Adventure, PS 1, Oct 2000 – 3D artist

Eliminator, PS 1 / PC, Feb 1999 – 3D artist

Highlander, Atari Jaguar, Oct 1995 – 3D artist 

Countless demos and pitches over the years, especially between 2008 – 2013 where we were unofficially a first party R&D team for Sony Liverpool.

Work Experience


Senior 3D Artist/Lead Artist
Magenta Software Games Ltd, Liverpool
1996 – 2014

3D Artist
Lore Design Ltd, Bromborough.
1995 – 1996



BSc (Hons) Product Design – First Class
Huddersfield University, 1991 – 1995

Foundation in Art & Design – Distinction

Hull college of Art & Design, 1990 – 1991

4 A Levels, 9 GCSEs
Full UK Passport & Driving License.



Colleague recommendations available on LinkedIn
Further references available on request.